Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday we continued our exploration of Buenos Aires. In the morning we had a tour of the famous Recoleta Cemetary where many of Argentina´s elites are burried (including Eva Perón) followed by an afternoon of shopping in the Recoleta neighborhood where our hotel is located. We had dinner at a traditional Argentine steakhouse.

This morning we flew to Cordoba. Located in central Argentina about an hour and a half from Buenos Aires in plane, Cordoba is Argentina´s second largest city. Located closer to the Andes Mountains where Spanish power was concentrated, Cordoba was founded earlier than Buenos Aires, evidenced by many more colonial buildings that remain to this day.

Here is a map of Argentina--you can see the two largest cities, Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

Herbert, our guide for the afternoon, met us at the airport and gave us a tour of the city. We drove be the new university campus, a number of former palaces from the late 19th Century when the Argentinian elites attempted to emulate Paris, and a large beautiful park (the name is escaping me right now). We then had a walking tour of the oldest part of the city--Plaza San Martín, La Catedral (the prettiest church I´ve seen thus far in Argentina), and finally, La Manzana Jesuita (the Jesuit Block which was La Universidad de Cordoba´s origional building). Unfortunately we couldn´t actually enter the Jesuit Church because they are closed during the afternoon. It was supposed to re-open around 4:00 PM and althought we returned around 4:30, I guess that is just how things sometimes work here in Argentina.

Following our time in the city, we made our way by car out into the the countryside of Cordoba Province where we are staying at an estancía (a ranch) called el Colibri. I´ll talk more about it tomorrow or the following day.

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