Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A few days ago one of my best friends Allison asked me what has been my favorite memory thus far....that's a tough question, but it got me thinking. I've seen a number of the sights here in Buenos Aires--the stately old Recoleta mansions, the cutting-edge and uber-trendy Hotel Faena in Puerto Madero, the brightly colored houses in La Boca--but those aren't the things that have made my experience. It's the people. It sounds cheesy, but it's true!

About two weeks ago my two IFSA girlfriends Gaby and Robyn joined Pam (my former house mate) and I in at the Teatro Colón. We had wanted to go inside the theater, but it was closed. Instead we spent a few hours on the steps behind the theater giggling and telling our favorite stories about our experiences here in Buenos Aires. It was one of those simple moments, and it was the people--and not the place--that made afternoon so special. So simple and pure that it's a memory that could be easily forgotten, but those very same qualities--the simplicity and purity--are what make it so special.

Tonterias on the steps of the Teatró Colon. Gotta love the classic prom pic!

There was some sort of artistic instillation, so we clearly had to play around.

Action shot, courtesy of the lovely Miss Gaby Jenn, on the steps of the Teatro Colón.

It just so happens that Robyn, Gaby and I are all Pi Phis. Robyn and Gaby joke about founding the Argentina Alpha chapter. I, however, take the matter quite seriously.

Teatro Colón as we left it that afternoon--at dusk.

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  1. jajaja, love the comment about founding a chapter. and i couldn't agree more about la compañia--besos, chica