Sunday, November 21, 2010


Buenos Aires is pretty big on fairs. Each neighborhood seems to be transformed by artisans every Saturday and Sunday. Recoleta (my barrio) has a fair at the cemetery, Palermo (my old barrio) has a fair at Plaza Serrano. The most well known, however, is in San Telmo, Buenos Aires' most bohemian neighborhood.

Over four months ago on my first Sunday in Buenos Aires, I went to the San Telmo fair with my parents and little brother. Sadly, today was my last Sunday in Buenos Aire (while I still have three weeks left in Argentina, I will be out of twon for the next three weekends), but I managed to enjoy it by returning to the San Telmo Fair for the first time since that rainy Sunday in July when I went with my family. In a stark contrast to my first trip to San Telmo, today was a beautiful sunny Sunday.

Today Robyn, Victoria, Janie and I mozied around the different stands that displayed everything from jewelry and photographs to antiques and puppets. Robyn and Janie snacked one vegetarian burritos while I got my hand read (for free) from some man selling necklaces. The fair goes on for about 15 blocks and culminates in a plaza which sells mainly antiques, and we walked the whole distance twice so that we could make sure we got the very best.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon--quite peaceful and relaxing (and really helped me forget about the huge work load I have looming over myself right now). Neither the company nor the weather could have been better. It was a fabulous (and sentimental) way to spend my last Sunday in BA.

Various stands scattered down Defensa St. where the San Telmo Fair is located.

Tango dancers are a must at a Buenos Aires fair. This scens was special because multiple spectators joined in.

A stand in the antique section of the fair.

A charming little church we stumbled upon.

Loads and loads of musicians everywhere.

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