Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This past weekend was my two month anniversary since I arrived here in Argentina. It's been too months, and I'm yet to post one thing on my blog about soccer...I mean futbol. It's kind of a big deal here in Argentina. Unfortunately I arrived in the country just days after Argentina was eliminated from the World Cup, but no need to be worried, there's still plenty of soccer to go around.

A week ago today (September 7), the argentine national team played Spain in a friendly exposition game, and I was lucky enough to get tickets. My only problem was who root for--I lived in Spain for a full year while I've only been here in Argentina for two months. I have a feeling this might change over the course of my time here, but thus far my heart is still reaches out to Spain (it's also pretty hard not to be a Spanish soccer fan after their 2008 Eurocup victory and their World Cup win this year). However, I decided that wearing red and gold might be a bad idea, so I choose a much safer option--a with top with a light blue scarf. Only there's a catch--I wore red and gold underwear :D

In the end Argentina beat Spain 4-1, but I blame this on the fact that Spain send their B team since all of their top players are playing in their European leagues, while Argentina had all of their best players in the game. The game was a lot calmer than I expected, but I guess that is a result of it not really counting for anything. All in all it was a great afternoon, and it surely won't be my last futbol game here in Argentina.

Check out the photos below that my friend Jess took (I was too scared to bring my camera to the stadium because of the rowdy spectators):

A beautiful shot of el estado de River, the home stadium of one of Buenos Aires' top two teams.
Check out Messi, number 10. He's a national hero.

River Stadium at night.

River's colors are conveniently red and white. Their mortal enemy Boca is also sponsored by coke, but the signs are black and white because Boca couldn't possibly have River's colors all over the stadium.

Kevin, Allison and I at the game.

Loads and loads of light blue and white confetti that was sprayed everywhere at the beginning of the game. ¡VAMOS ARGENTINA!

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  1. "it surely won't be my last futbol game here in Argentina." Yeah! We will be there again for River x Boca!