Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night I went to Fuerza Bruta with a my Gaby, Janie and Robyn. I don't really know how to describe Fuerza Bruta--it's some sort of intense theatrical experience that began here in Buenos Aires. The whole audience is standing up for the entire performance. The stage moves during the performance, pushing around the audience. It's the type of thing that can't really be adequately described in words--you really just have to experience it. Nevertheless, Gaby, Janie, Robyn and I did our best to describe the experience in word. We came up with some sort of modern, urban circus.

We made the deliberate decision to go on a Friday night because on a Friday the show turns into a boliche (argentine word for a "dance club") at intermission and at the end of the show. It's such an intense experience to go from the show straight into a dance club. The two run together fluidly because the cast comes down and dances with you, so you literally become a part of the show. The transition from show to dance club is flawless.

During the boliche part we managed to make friends with multiple members of the cast (aided by Robyn's trippy neon striped fishnet tights that seemed to attract everyone), and we talked to them about the history of the show, the creative process, and what it like to be in the show. They even invited us to come to the cast after-party, but following the intense experience that was Fuerza Bruta we didn't really have the energy for another boliche. They did however tell us that if we want to go back to call them up and they'll get us free tickets. We are definitely hitting them up there. Oh, and the plan is to go shopping for the brightest, most intense rave costumes before hand so that we can insure all of us are invited up on stage to dance.

Oh, and one last thing, Fuerza Bruta has a troupe in NYC right now, so if you are anywhere near New York, GO! You will love it. I promise you that.

Since describing Fuerza Bruta in words is near impossible, here are some pictures I took during the show:

Gaby, Janie and I under the blue lights of Fuerza Bruta anxiously awaiting the show's inception.

Man walkin'

The dream scene.

So trippy.

Run run run!

Bustin' through.

While Fuerza Bruta is mainly trippy acts there was a little bit of choreographed dancing.

One of the actors broke some weird styrofoam confetti box thing on Robyn's head.


That's Robyn right there on the left rockin' out after being invited up on stage.

This is this giant tub-like thing that lowered down and then raised up again...

Four women splash around in the water tub overhead.

Splish splash.

So trippy.

The end of the show. Kind of profound.

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