Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today is both El Día del Estudiante and the first day of Spring, so that means everyone heads out to the aire libre, takes in the sun and enjoys one of Buenos Aires' many parks. I was origionaly supposed to have a midterm today, but my professor e-mailed us about 20 hours before the exam to tell us it would have to be postponed because of the student strike which is still going on. Typical. I only wish I'd known sooner so that I hadn't spend so much time studying. But oh well, that's how things are at UBA. We were going to have our midterm in spite of the holiday, but since it was canceled at the last minute I got to participate in the festivities.

I went to the ecological park located near Puerto Madero and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was packed with groups of friends running around, laughing, chatting and snacking on the picnics they had prepared. The whole thing just had really great energy, and it made me happy seeing so many people enjoying the company of their friends on El Día del Estudiante.

As for the first day of spring, there aren't two many corresponding activities, but it is a tradition to give your friends/loved ones flowers, so everyone was walking around with bouquets in tow, so this only added to the positive energy. Today was a lovely day--two holidays in one! If only I could bring back these traditions to the U.S.!

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