Monday, September 6, 2010


The strike was still going strong today at three of the University of Buenos Aires' Campuses, and I'm still not sure if I have class tomorrow thought is no, but I'm going to go check it out anyway because I want to see this strike in action.

Today I was meeting my friend Jimmy in Plaza de Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada (basically the Argentinian "White House"), and as I was exiting the Subte I noticed a line of about thirty police men dressed in head to toe black sporting gas masks, knee pads and giant tear glass shields. I was slightly concerned but decided to not think anything of it.

Jimmy texted to say he was running late and then all of a sudden I started hearing chants/screams and the beat of some very loud drums. They they started getting closer and closer. Standing alone in the middle of Plaza de Mayo as the sun was setting in the distance I began to get a little scared. Luckily I was able to separate myself from the protesters (more UBA students protesting the poor quality of University Buildings) by some large metal barricade which allowed me to feel semi-safe while awaiting Jimmy's arrival.

Once Jimmy arrived the two of us began walking over to the library only to once again cross paths with the protesters who were now standing outside of the Ministry of Education (I'm terrible at estimating numbers, but Jimmy, who claims to be pretty good, estimated that there were about 600 student protesters). After two hours in the library Jimmy and I passed by the Ministry of Education once again, and the student protesters were still out there. I wouldn't be surprised if they are still out there right now.

Check out the size of that tank in the event that the demonstration got out of hand. Oh, and see the little police men with gas masks? 30 of them greeted me as I exited the Subte.

A picture I snapped from my perch "safely" behind the barricade.

"All we want is to study in dignified conditions."

Protesters in front of the Ministry of Education.

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  1. RASSSYYYYYY que aventura! Sounds very exciting. glad you're ok though! xoxo